(2011) Revolving Door. Pratt BFA Thesis Show. 

Statement:  I go out with a desire for adventure. I want to explore and hunt down the mundane.  I film parking lots, Best Buys, carwashes, capturing moving bits as visual artifact.  Much of my footage hovers between recognition and non-recognition. I am interested in using this fluctuation of recognition as a way of doing a double-take on what we are most bored with in daily life, the parts of our life that are un-artistic and un-monumental.  The humans in my videos are partially visible, fragmented, and anonymous.  They are shown as passive figures navigating through the structures of a mechanical world, walking through revolving doors, riding on escalators, or seen through security cameras orcomputer screens.  Repetitive action and rhythm seem to lead to an anticipated change,but ultimately remain only in the space of expectation.  

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