Nini Ayach (French-American) is a visual artist and puppeteer and currently based in Paris. Nini uses papier maché, overhead projectors, wire, glue-guns and string to make shadow puppetry and giant puppetry projects. 

She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute (New York) and and an MA in Theater from Université Paris 8 (Saint-Denis, France).  Her Masters thesis was about transcultural puppetry projects between France and the Middle East.

While living in the US, she worked with Circus Amok and did an apprenticeship with Bread and Puppet. Following this, she moved to Cairo to develop socially engaged puppetry projects from 2012 to 2016 including Bakaboza (2012), Elgarida Elhaya (2013) and Rubayat el Nil (2016). After moving to Paris, she co-founded Hekau puppetry company in 2017.

Nini Ayach has participated in Diwan: A Forum for the Arts, at the Arab-American museum in (Detroit, USA), her work has been commissioned by the Newbridge Project (Newcastle) in 2016. She has led puppetry workshops in Mexico (The Workshop Estudio) and her work has been exhibited in Stockholm at the Supermarket Art Fair in 2013. Past residencies include artellewa (Cairo, Egypt) in 2012, Acoss (Yerevan, Armenia) in 2013, Institut Francais de Tanger (Tangier, Morocco) in 2017.  

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